Featured in my “Staying Healthy for the Holidays” post, and a big hit at Thanksgiving dinner, is the Bacon wrapped Asparagus.  If you have been volunteered to make a side dish for the holiday dinner and do not know what to make that is simple and does not take a lot of effort, this is the recipe for you! There are only two ingredients and only takes about 25 minutes in the oven to cook!

Also if there is anyone at the dinner or even yourself that has been trying to stay low carb or is following a ketogenic diet, this is the perfect recipe as well.

Benefits to eating asparagus:

Asparagus is high in Vitamin K which is the vitamin mainly responsible for blood clotting, it is also known to help with bone health as well.

It is also known to help nourish the digestive tract, with the help of the nutrient inulin which is in asparagus.

Asparagus also has a healthy amount of folate in it as well which will promote a healthy pregnancy.



1 Package of Bacon (any kind you enjoy)

1 Bundle of Asparagus


Preheat oven to 425 degrees

Snap (or you can cut) the ends of each asparagus 

Cut each piece of bacon in half

Tightly wrap the piece of bacon around a piece of asparagus 

Set the bacon wrapped asparagus on a baking sheet with the end of the bacon faced downward so it will not come unwrapped (I elevated them on a rack to lessen the amount of grease but that is optional!) 

Bake for 25 minutes or until the bacon looks crispy (Remember everybody’s oven is different so that is just an estimated amount of time).  

Best enjoyed right out of the oven, but can be reheated (10-20 seconds in the microwave).  

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