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When it comes to nutrition and fitness, most people see it as an all in or all out kind of deal.  Unfortunately when people have that mentality they try to become extremely strict with a diet or fitness routine but forget to celebrate once in a while leading to a binge of junk food or forgetting all about exercise.  If you learn to keep your routines in a healthy balance, not only will you stay on track for longer but you will also enjoy the process.

Below I will explain ways to keep balance in your nutrition and fitness routines and also some amazing celebration meals 🙂

One thing you should always remember, one day of bad eating does not make you fat.  In return, one day of healthy eating will not cause you to lose weight.  One of the biggest factors in my opinion with nutrition and fitness is consistency.  It is okay to take a celebration meal or even a celebration day but the following day you get back on track.


One thing that a lot of people who get counseled say is that they feel guilty after “cheating” or getting off track.  First off, you should avoid using the word cheating because it seems so negative.  Use celebratory meal instead that way it is more of a positive spin.  Secondly, if you decide “you know what I really need that ice cream tonight” or like me when my grandmother brings over amazing Italian pastries that I have zero willpower to avoid, indulge! It is okay to step off the track for a second and enjoy your favorite foods.  Do not feel guilty about it because that starts the whole snowball effect of “I can’t do this, I am already off track so why try, or I ruined the whole thing”.  Do not let that snowball effect even begin.  Eat that ice cream.  Eat that cannoli.  Do NOT feel guilty about it.  The next morning get back on track with a nice egg omelette and a smoothie and bam you are already back on track.


When it comes to fitness, not only are rest days good to give yourself a break but they are also necessary in order to get results with your muscles. Your muscles need rest days in order to grow.  Working out causes a breakdown of the tissues in our body so rest days allow the muscles, bones, nerves, etc to have the time to rebuild.  Unfortunately the society as a whole has adopted an all or nothing mentality but if you over use and put too much stress on your muscles without proper rest you can cause injuries and then you will have to not workout at all and lose all the progress you have made.


Balance is so important psychologically as well. If you are putting a ton of stress on your body with working out everyday or 6 days a week on top of being extremely strict with your diet.  Most people do not find that enjoyable (some people really enjoy this like body builders but I am not talking about them).  But even body builders know when their body needs a break.  Working out a healthy amount could reduce stress, anxiety, depression, but becoming too strict could cause a reverse reaction.  So just remember to balance everything out and enjoy yourself every now and again.

My Favorite Celebration Meals:

TACOS: Do I have to say anything more? You can always make a taco healthy by removing the shells and make it a taco salad but when you want to celebrate, you have those taco shells.

CINNAMON ROLL PANCAKES: Again do I even need to convince you? Here is a really good recipe I have used in the past.

NACHOS: Load them up with cheese and your favorite toppings.  I usually do half beef (with taco seasoning) and half chicken with the same seasoning (or sometimes I do a buffalo sauce) and then black beans, corn, refried beans, sour cream.  (Okay I may or may not be drooling right now).

MAC AND CHEESE: I tend to make my own mac and cheese when I am really craving it (or ask my mom to whip some up).  I start with a white sauce and add basically and block cheese I have in my refrigerator (sharp cheddar is usually a main one but use whatever is your favorite) and then I add salt, pepper, onion powder, and garlic powder, then add cooked macaroni and sometimes when I am feeling extra I add some cooked bacon to it.  Lastly I crush up some ritz crackers and sprinkle that on the top and bake on 350 for about 25 minutes (when its looking golden and delicious). Bam you have some amazing mac and cheese.

*Remember even if you are making these meals and choose to celebrate, they may be higher in fat and sugar than when you are clean eating but you will avoid the harmful additives and preservatives for the most part if you try to make your celebration meals at home.


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