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Years back the biggest thing you heard from dietitians or nutritionists or even just the media was to stay away from fats.  The stigma used to be that all fats were bad and if you eat fats, you are going to get fat.  Fortunately for individuals like myself who study nutrition we now know that this is not the case.  In fact there are healthy fats that people SHOULD incorporate into their every day routine.  So below I will separate what healthy fats are and what some unhealthy fats are and a brief description of why.  We will also go over some benefits to incorporating healthy fats into your diet and how they can help you LOSE weight.   Continue reading “FATS! GOOD OR BAD? | eatswithalex”


When you ask someone about their health or fitness goals, a majority of people start with talking about wanting to lose weight.  Whether it is 5 pounds or 65 pounds, a lot of people need to understand it is more than just eating vegetables and running on the treadmill.  Continue reading “NUTRITION TIPS FOR WEIGHT LOSS | eatswithalex”


Have you ever had a craving to make some homemade cookies and then you start to get all of the ingredients together and realize…you are out of flour.  That happened to me one night but I still really wanted to  make some cookies so I decided to try making flourless cookies instead.  We have all been there when we try to make a new recipe for the first time, it is a big gamble.  It can either result very deliciously or result with you spitting the food into the garbage.  I still went for it and to my surprise they came out soft and delicious.

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Skipping the “Diet” Mentality

It comes as no surprise that there are many of us out there who sometimes feel that they want to become healthier.  Unfortunately, for most, becoming healthier is linked to losing weight and losing it fast.  Many people are looking for an easy quick fix to lose weight and in turn making them think that they are becoming healthier.  So the online searches begin for quick and simple ways to lose weight and products to “lose up to 10 pounds in one week” start being purchased.  In reality, you filling your body with these “cleanse” products and using certain diets results in you becoming LESS healthy.  I cannot speak for every single fad diet and dieting product out there but most of the time if you try to stop the diet or product, you gain the weight all over again and usually 9 times out of 10, you end up heavier than when you started.

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Talking about cheat meals below, so keep reading 🙂


These little gems are perfect to make to replace the overdone  (yet delicious) cinnamon rolls on a snowy lazy morning.  The addition of the glaze on top makes it all the better. The picture above is from before we added the glaze, I tried to take my picture as soon as possible because once we add the glaze on top of them, everyone’s diving in. And honestly I am not a huge lemon taste person but it is just a slight hint of lemon and pairs perfectly with the blueberry taste.  These bad boys are like if blueberry muffins and biscuits had a baby.  Even though the word “scone” sounds like it would be really difficult to make, they are really not hard at all.

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Have you always thought that taking a daily multivitamin was benefiting your health and preventing illnesses? If so, do not worry, so many people think that they are a holy grail including myself before I started studying nutrition. 44% of men and 53% of women reported that they take a daily multivitamin, however the only groups of people who need to be worried about taking a multivitamin or supplement in general are pregnant women, people with certain illnesses, or people who need to be on a very low calorie/ nutrient restricted diets.  Other than that studies show that multivitamins do not  make a significant difference in the present or future health of someone who is healthy and can eat normally.  All the vitamins and minerals that you get from a multivitamin can be easily consumed with a balanced diet.

Vitamin D supplements however, are safe to use especially if you live somewhere where there are drastic seasons (like Connecticut) and have the winter where not many people stay outside for long periods of time.  Then I would suggest taking a Vitamin D supplement during the winter months.  It is also good to take a Vitamin D supplement if you are a person who tends to stay away from the sun.  Yes the sun’s UV rays can cause damage to our skin if we over do it and do not take precautions such as sun screen but a small amount daily is so beneficial for your Vitamin D levels.  Some younger adults reading this may not be worried yet about illnesses such as osteoporosis, where the bones in the body become extremely weak and brittle, but you should.  Calcium stores stop at age 30, so if you are reading this and thinking “I am not really sure if I have enough calcium in my diet” you probably do not and should start taking precautions.  Vitamin D helps absorb calcium in the body and phosphorus levels in the blood which are both vital roles for bone health.


Stay away from supplements that have claims that sound too good to be true.  “Fast and easy weight loss”, any claims to cure an illness or symptom (mood disorders, depressed moods).  There is no magic product that will melt fat away while you are watching TV or sleeping.  And I hate to be the bearer of bad news but any ad that claims you can lose weight without adding in any exercise is a lie.

**DISCLAIMER, I am speaking about people who are relatively healthy with no chronic diseases/illnesses.  If your doctor has prescribed you to take a certain supplement, listen to your doctor or have a conversation with your doctor about alternative options.  **




Featured in my “Staying Healthy for the Holidays” post, and a big hit at Thanksgiving dinner, is the Bacon wrapped Asparagus.  If you have been volunteered to make a side dish for the holiday dinner and do not know what to make that is simple and does not take a lot of effort, this is the recipe for you! There are only two ingredients and only takes about 25 minutes in the oven to cook!

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