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The New Year is all about making resolutions, setting new goals for yourself, and for some people it is a time to start fresh.  This can all be amazingly beneficial if you start thinking about what your goals and resolutions are before the new year begins.  Unfortunately, many people do not start thinking about it until we have begun the new year and then when you begin working towards your goals you have already lost some time!


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What you want to do is think of your goals before January 1st comes along.  What I tell people and clients is to come up with 3 realistic goals for yourself.  An example of an UNREALISTIC goal would be to lose 15 pounds by Valentines’ Day (yes, I have heard that one before).  Instead change that to I am going to limit my white sugar intake for 6 weeks.  That goal clearly states what you are going to do, and a time frame for how long you want to do it for.

Below are some other tips and tricks to start the New Year out on the right foot!

  1. Figure out your main goals:

This can mean you write a list of three important goals you want to achieve during this year for fitness, health, or even three goals you want to set for your personal life (whatever that may mean for you!).

  1. Think and write down what kind of year you want to have

I know it might seem silly but writing down what kind of year you want to have is much more beneficial than just thinking about it and keeping it in your head.  Of course, life always makes different plans for us especially in a year time span, however, you can tell yourself that you are, for example, going to make a conscience effort to not overly sweat the small stuff.  Personal goals that will help you have a happier year ahead of you.  The act of actually writing that down will allow you to be more aware of what changes you want to make.


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  1. Do not feel guilty if you slip up or make mistakes

Throughout the year do not feel guilty if you get off track.  We are all human, and sometimes that means we get unmotivated, or make mistakes along the way and that is okay.  As long as you notice the mistake and get yourself back on track to continue to try to better yourself, it is okay to slip up along the way.  Do not feel guilty about it because then that is the point where a lot of people give up because they say “oh I already messed up why do I even bother” and that is not the mindset you should have.  As long as you are doing your best to better yourself then that is all that matters.


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Ways you Can Balance your Hormones Naturally

Hormones in our bodies as a whole affects our physical, mental, and emotional health.  With modern day’s fast paced chaotic lifestyle, hormonal imbalances have become increasingly common.  Usually, our endocrine glands produce the correct amount but stress, diet, and age can disrupt that. Hormones have many functions; they are responsible for complex processes such as metabolism, fertility, and growth.  They also affect your immune system, sleep, and even your behavior.

Thankfully you can balance your hormones by living a healthier lifestyle and nutrient rich diet.  Below I will explain some ways you can balance them out.

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How to Choose a Peanut Butter

How to choose a peanut butter:

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BALANCE | eatswithalex

When it comes to nutrition and fitness, most people see it as an all in or all out kind of deal.  Unfortunately when people have that mentality they try to become extremely strict with a diet or fitness routine but forget to celebrate once in a while leading to a binge of junk food or forgetting all about exercise.  If you learn to keep your routines in a healthy balance, not only will you stay on track for longer but you will also enjoy the process.

Below I will explain ways to keep balance in your nutrition and fitness routines and also some amazing celebration meals 🙂

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FATS! GOOD OR BAD? | eatswithalex

Years back the biggest thing you heard from dietitians or nutritionists or even just the media was to stay away from fats.  The stigma used to be that all fats were bad and if you eat fats, you are going to get fat.  Fortunately for individuals like myself who study nutrition we now know that this is not the case.  In fact there are healthy fats that people SHOULD incorporate into their every day routine.  So below I will separate what healthy fats are and what some unhealthy fats are and a brief description of why.  We will also go over some benefits to incorporating healthy fats into your diet and how they can help you LOSE weight.   Continue reading “FATS! GOOD OR BAD? | eatswithalex”


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