Salmon has so many benefits to eat that most do not even know about, from aiding in brain function to helping keep your skin healthy we should be consuming more fatty fish then we do.  However, knowing where your fish is coming from is super important because there is a difference between farm raised fish and wild caught fish.  Can someone guess the better option? If you were thinking wild caught…you are correct.  There are ways of fish farming correctly and safely for the consumer, however, a lot of places are cutting corners and making it not so safe.  Below we will talk about the benefits of eating fatty fish and also share with you my recipe.

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BALANCE | eatswithalex

When it comes to nutrition and fitness, most people see it as an all in or all out kind of deal.  Unfortunately when people have that mentality they try to become extremely strict with a diet or fitness routine but forget to celebrate once in a while leading to a binge of junk food or forgetting all about exercise.  If you learn to keep your routines in a healthy balance, not only will you stay on track for longer but you will also enjoy the process.

Below I will explain ways to keep balance in your nutrition and fitness routines and also some amazing celebration meals 🙂

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Have you ever had a craving to make some homemade cookies and then you start to get all of the ingredients together and realize…you are out of flour.  That happened to me one night but I still really wanted to  make some cookies so I decided to try making flourless cookies instead.  We have all been there when we try to make a new recipe for the first time, it is a big gamble.  It can either result very deliciously or result with you spitting the food into the garbage.  I still went for it and to my surprise they came out soft and delicious.

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Featured in my “Staying Healthy for the Holidays” post, and a big hit at Thanksgiving dinner, is the Bacon wrapped Asparagus.  If you have been volunteered to make a side dish for the holiday dinner and do not know what to make that is simple and does not take a lot of effort, this is the recipe for you! There are only two ingredients and only takes about 25 minutes in the oven to cook!

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